We’re opening the doors of our house/studio for exchanges between artists.

Artists exchanges

We’re opening the doors of our house/studio!

Starting from the 15/08/2022, we’ll start exchanges for artists. The selection will be based on the artist’s work, and intuition.

They will be micro residencies of a few days, as the space is quite open and with very few separations (it is a home studio). Something like “CouchSurfing” for artists!

The goal is for artists to use their time at the studio to produce a body of work of their choice (drawings, paintings, photography, etching…), and have the opportunity to get to know the city of course!





English (Intermediary level)

French (Understood. With gestures and wine even better)

German (Two words. With a lot of gestures and a lot of wine we have a laugh)

Oriental languages (We’ll understand each other while working)